Born in 1983 in Beijing 

Lives and works in Beijing

2003 Affiliated Secondary School of Central Academy of fine arts , Beijing, China
2007 Central Academy of fine arts, Beijing,China     Bachelor
2010 Central Academy of fine arts, Beijing, China     Master

2009 "2009 Mostra di pittura villa picena"Ascoli Piceno, Italy
2010 "Sapere e fioreā€ Art Museum Clocetti, Rome, Italy
Solo Exhibition
2010 "Poetry of agitation" Hubei provincial academy of fine arts museum, Wuhan, China.
2011 "Yuan Yuan Oil Painting Exhibition" Hubei provincial academy of fine arts museum, Wuhan, China.

     I put the effort in to explore the human mind on the spirit of hard not to go on the betrayal and fear of the great concerns of, I need to reveal root causes of human suffering--in our own evil. I tried to show a seemingly ordered by visitors, calm and sense of real life, but all of a sudden the mode of existence of this false down into pieces. Because knowledge of the world should be at a spiritual level, rather than simple, matter of substance.
     Carnival is a form of expression I sad, destruction and self-destruction is my participation in the life of mark. I like a child, starless night, in the swamp looking for meaning of existence. I have been looking for, but can't find the answer;I have been looking for, just to create a brand new world of the spirit pure and clean.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Yuan Yuan