Please save me! ! ! !

05/07/2011 23:55
 "Stray stray" I hope there is a place where I can breathe freely only . "Stray stray" What a wonderful word, But I deeply buried under the mud, thorns are wrapped around my body . "Stray stray" My eyes are exceedingly beautiful, as the flame shining splendor, but in my mind angry hatred is...

My nightingale

12/04/2011 19:40
I wish I could stop because of a pure land, even if just for a moment to rest. I look around, when the 28th spring comes; I know a secret at last: nightingale had nothing; its fate will always be forced to look for. However, the beloved land, There is not even a needle, allowing the small claws to...

In a world

11/04/2011 18:33
In a world where I was too radical, Another space where I threatened with extinction. Who am I? I was rubbish, my existence is meaningless, So I was the treasure, more dazzling than diamond. This is a crazy world, All waste products are turned into gods, All the treasures were abandoned in the...


10/04/2011 23:17
          Every day I kept thinking: those people, those people, what they really happy? They live in the real joy of the day instead of living in their own happy in mind. Why they are happy? Why they are not going to die? These walking corpses, these fly without a...


07/04/2011 18:56
  Freedom is the black Wing, with a heavy body It wings to fly, but how difficult Life was fresh originally, clean naked Flying, is a world underfoot Glory of my head is in the distance.     自由是黑翼,怀着沉重的身体 它的翅膀飞翔,但有多难 原来生活是新鲜,干净的裸体 飞行,是世界在脚下    荣誉,是我的头在远方。  
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