10/04/2011 23:17

          Every day I kept thinking: those people, those people, what they really happy? They live in the real joy of the day instead of living in their own happy in mind. Why they are happy? Why they are not going to die? These walking corpses, these fly without a head, these - people!

I hate……because they destroyed me, used to be, now they are destroying me ,in the future they will treat me this way too(of course, this depends on how long will I live).I do not understand these zombies, Why they want to break my heart? It is already full of holes, each wound in turning bloodshed.

You say I'm fine, still young ... ... but I am not happy, in fact, the first time since I opened my eyes to see this dirty Earth, I has never felt that kind of thing called happiness . Others, the happiness is a cheap daily consumer goods; and for me, that is the source of the pain - I have made every effort in order to obtain the happiness in my mind, and this process of seeking happiness is my process of being destroyed, more precisely, is the process of self-destruction.

Do you believe a thing? Such as religion, Fraternity, science or love ... ... but I, my heart is empty, I do not have faith, and I do not trust anything, anything! Can you understand my feeling? I am a living person, every day I will see, feel a lot of things, but every creature, every word, every action , I doubt whether they are true, I even have often thought : I live in this space? In fact, every day when I was in the bathroom I would ask myself constantly: Now I am standing on the road

My life is a tragedy.

"Bitterness sickens life; love heals it."

But, it is my fervent love for the world to destroy me and my world.

……They will devour the foliage and destroy the fruit, leaving you like a dry stump……