24/03/2011 03:48

    Once I sing and dance alone, then I soak my fragile heart in cold water too long, so I have long been accustomed the taste of loneliness. But people need to look for their own goals in life constantly, in this process we need to understand and help, need to tell and listen. I use painting to express almost all my love. Now, I reach out and invite you to come here: the concert is about to begin……


    Art is open, and must be open. Life needs to communicate,our heart keeps beating, is not confined in a numb body waiting for death. Those detained, subdued mind Studio, disguising them as a temple of art, is in fact a slaughterhouse, where freedoms are stifled; clean sweet springs not spewing there, leaving behind only a "fossil"; even they do not deserve to be affixed with the seals, waiting for the world's forgotten in paleontological showrooms.


    Those of us, who live, should be warm enough to feel life and find the greatest significance for our existence. It is not easy, needs a lot of courage and strength. Living people, we need to prove that we are still alive, whatever form you express your existence. Humanity needs a frank exchange, for me, this form of expression of my personal, is my painting.

    Is the long winter night, spring has really not far from us?