It is ......

10/09/2009 00:00

     It is the fate of some women to have the chance to completely change their lives. It is written in their DNA. There is a pure light illuminating their faces, but the same may blind their vision of life.

    Yuan Yuan has a clear and clean face; however, her great energy and anxiety are hidden inside. Painting becomes the main tool used by her to release her dark forces.

    Her art does not tolerate negotiations or compromises, it is as clear as water, as crude as life, always merciless towards those observing it.

    Her early works during the Academy show her virtuous and feminine side. The more she grows, the more her art reveals its true nature. It is changeable, twisting, highly expressive, erotic and carnal, aimed at obtaining freedom for her and others.

                                                                                                   A. Cartuccia (Italy)

                                                                                                  Translated by Nick Smith