Please save me! ! ! !

05/07/2011 23:55

 "Stray stray"

I hope there is a place where I can breathe freely only .
"Stray stray"
What a wonderful word, But I deeply buried under the mud, thorns are wrapped around my body .
"Stray stray"
My eyes are exceedingly beautiful, as the flame shining splendor, but in my mind angry hatred is burning, as a lamb's head is cut off!
I can not enjoy a delicious meal or sleep soundly, simply because of a pain.

The sun rises in the east,  over my eyes there are dark clouds only!
« L'Art est long et le temps est court », 
I have no time to open the sails that my boat had been swallowed already.

The city made ​​with feces is sturdy and indestructible.
We work day and night, afraid to make any mistakes.
Is to make this false paradise straight towering clouds forever.
Be careful to protect the noble feces, and wrap it with a vacuum packaging.
It flashes in the sun, like the Great Wall to heaven.

The feces city is quiet,such as a dry tomb, the law prohibits talk and move around freely.
All labors are required to work in place,  block the ears and plug the mouth.
Cut the birds' wings, and then chop off the legs of rabbits,
Throw cats into the cage, but also to wring the necks of Chickens.
The folks in the town are not allowed to go out, strangers are not allowed to come in.

Friends, friends,
No matter what language you say and what color you are, who can save me out of this abyss?
Which land aromatic willing to shelter our nightingales?