The early times of Yuan

10/09/2009 00:00

When young

Two faces with a single name

Often take sides and battle


In one

We see thoughtful composure

The keeper of life’s mystery


In the other

We see immense distress

Mind and body transgression



Is a flowerbed

Over a confidant mirror

Or a simple meal on the lawn

Where melancholy blossoms


The other

Is a crude thicket of the senses?

Fluvial blood flow

In closed rooms, queries

Choked in sparking dances


Two faces in one

In those early times


And perhaps one face

In oncoming times


When life will pick its colors

And pose them a challenge…


To tell nothing but the truth

To the detriment of torment and sacrifice…


It’s your road companion

A pure and distant light



                                                                            Written by Eugenio De Signoribus, Italy poet 

1/3 September 2009

Translated by Nick Smith